Natural Sand Play Area


Children will have access to different play areas in the rooms. Our play rooms offer a mixture of natural objects (links to Montessori Teaching) and various toys which will be accesible depending on the age and stage of the children in care.




  •   mark making/ creative area
  •   home corner - kitchen area, dolls & accessories, pirate den 
  •   (Home corner changed regularly to meet individual needs & interests)          
  •   construction area
  •   small world
  •   treasure basket & white and black area
  •   toy boxes within children's reach with various play & learn resources
  •   messy area which may include sand, water, shaving foam 




  •  Large private back garden area with decking:
  •  Bouncy castle for children different ages including baby pool area (summer)
  •  Vegetable growing area
  •  play house/summer house - messy play, sand
  •  slide, tunnel and tents
  •  pull and push along toys
  •  messy area including sand/mud
  •  children's table, benches & chairs
  •  space & resources for creative activities
  •  touch & sound resources

Indoor Areas

Mark Making

Dress up

Little Explorers

Little Explorers

Little Learners

Little Learners

Outdoor Areas

Positive risk taking

Exploring area

Decking area with artificial grass

Vegetable Growing Area

Play House - Sand play and creative area inside

Fun play and activites




Opening Hours



7.30am - 5pm


Contact us


01472 877743


You can also contact us via our Facebook Page


Spaces available during school holidays


£5.50 per hour per child

Packed Lunch Required


Flexible hours to suit your needs.


We now have a 2 day minimum requirement for childcare



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