In Partnership

Alderlea Care Home Humberston

Alderlea Care Home, St.Thomas Close, Humberston, Grimsby, DN364HS

Tel: 01472 812588

We are delighted to be in partnership with The Alderlea. We hope that the children and residents will enjoy our day visits to the care home.


We believe that both the residents of the Alderlea and the children of Little Twinkles will benefit greatly from our visits.


Manager: Rachael Smith


"At Alderlea we have vulnerable residents who may lose touch with the community and this is why we are delighted to be in partnership with Little Twinkles, as this enables us to bring a bit of the community into the home.


Our residents always enjoy spending time with and seeing children, it brightens up their day and always brings a smile to their faces.


We are looking forward to building on our relationship with Little Twinkles, as we know how passionate they are about the care they provide to children, just as all the staff at Alderlea are in the way they care for our residents.


We would like to thank all the staff and children at little twinkles for giving us the opportunity to be in partnership with them and we are very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds!"

A huge thank you to Alderlea Care Home for allowing us to visit. Five of the children attended our first visit to the care home located in Humberston. 


We had a great time meeting the residents, having fun and playing games. We look forward to seeing you on our next visit.

Valerie Chapman Home Nigeria

We are delighted to be in partnership with Valerie Chapman Home. We hope to offer support for the care of orphan children in Imafon Village, Akure, a poor region of Nigeria.



Minister Kenny Popoola

"This is a very exciting time for us and we are delighted to have Little Twinkles Childcare supporting us in the work we are doing in Nigeria.


Our slogan is 'The chains of benevolence must not be broken.'

We call all our children 'The World Changers'."



Work and Donations

Arts and crafts from the children of Little Twinkles to be sent over to Nigeria

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