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Arts and crafts from the children of Little Twinkles to be sent over to Nigeria

£351 raised for Valerie Chapman Home!

We are delighted to be in partnership with Valerie Chapman Home. We hope to offer support for the care of orphan children in Imafon Village, Akure, a poor region of Nigeria.


We have built a two-way communication between Little Twinkles Childcare and Valerie Chapman Home. Our aim is to plan fundraising activities and send care packages (clothes, toys, books) to the children of Imafon Village. In September 2018, our first care packages, arts and crafts made it over to Nigeria to the children of Valerie Chapman Home.


Our children will have the opportunity to learn about their life and culture, promoting diversity and equality. They will also have more opportunities to create letters/pictures to send over to Nigeria and receive letters/pictures back. We are very proud to be involved and thank Kenny Popoola for making this partnership possible.


If you are interested in helping us make a difference for the children of Imafon Village then please contact us via our email:


You can also go to the Valerie Chapman Home facebook page,

The Valerie Chapman Home is named after a lady from Louth who supported the home from the onset. Unfortuately, Valerie Chapman died of a heart attack in 2016. She epitomized the word 'Love' and was warm towards everyone she met.


"It is a vision given to raise, at least, 1000 orphans, from the guttermost to the uppermost. These children would be nurtured and have it instilled in them to keep on joining the chains of benevolence together.


Our slogan is 'The chains of benevolence must not be broken.' We call all our children 'The World Changers.'"

                   -  Minister Kenny Popoola

Kenny Popoola - "45 fortunate and blessed children will occupy this building"

Imafon Village, Akure, Nigeria








The dream being made a reality.

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